I have put together a simple chat client while playing with node and socket in order to address the lack of a decent chat client at work. It is currently stateless, requires no authentication, persists nothing and permits rich media embedding such as gifs, spotify, youtube, vimeo while allowing users to create private rooms. I’m calling it Banterbin because it encourages open banter among colleagues.


User Images

Upload images using the form or by drag and dropping onto the chat

Inline Gifs

Youtube/Vimeo embeds

Youtube supports timecode support

youtube embed support

Videos can be pinned to the top of the chat to prevent scrolling out of view.

video dock support

Spotify Embed

spotify embedding

Inline Previews

Linked content is fetched and previewed for the majority of link types

embedded content preview

Retractable Messages

Ability to delete messages while being viewed on other client browsers - click the cross on the top right of the message